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In the Dogwash you can wash your dog yourself. The room is heated and can therefore be used in any weather. Your dog can easily access the wash area via the existing ramp. The practical working height is particularly easy on the back of the holder. Thanks to the two leashes on the Dogwash, you can securely attach your dog. Our natural care products can be freely selected according to your wishes. Of course, you can also bring your own products that your four-legged friend is used to. After washing, you can blow-dry your dog with a fur dryer or alternatively use your own towel.


The special dog shampoo we have selected is enriched with aloe vera, panthenol and vitamins A, D and E. The natural properties of this shampoo care for brittle and bristly hair, detangle it and make it smooth and shiny.

Flea and tick protection
In addition, we recommend our natural flea and tick protection. So if you want to protect your four-legged friend from fleas and ticks, you can use our anti-tick and flea function.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil and D-Limonene

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